LeBisou is a community around the couple game.

It is possible to come play with your partner in any discretion, to play games, chat with other players, or share his pictures. The main rule is the friendliness and respect of each, to keep the spirit « LeBisou » that characterizes the place.

Accessible from a device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, mobile device …), the site lebisou.com, its features and all its services (hereinafter referred to as « Lebisou ») are the exclusive property of Melba Capital. The use of Lebisou is governed by these Terms of Use of the Service (hereinafter referred to as « TOS »).
The use of Lebisou implies the acceptance of these TOS which apply to any user, whether it is a person registered on Lebisou (hereinafter referred to as « lebisou member ») or not (hereinafter referred to as « visitor »). Any LeBisou user who has a personal, free, non-exclusive and non-transferable right of access to Lebisou therefore declares to have understood and accepted them. Any other right is expressly excluded without prior agreement from Melba Capital.
Melba Capitalreserves the right to make changes to the TOS without informing users or seeking their agreement.

The community formed by lebisou members (hereinafter referred to as « community ») is open to all persons who have reached the legal age of majority in their country and have a valid email address.
The features included in Lebisou and offered to the community are recreational and fun services as well as means of expression allowing members to communicate with each other.

Unless scheduled interruption or not, whether for maintenance or force majeure, Lebisou is accessible 7/7 and 24/24 h. Melba Capitalcompany which is subject to an obligation of means can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from an unavailability of Lebisou and this, whatever its nature.

In order to be able to benefit from all the services of Lebisou, the user must first create a user account for the indefinite period of validity using the online form provided for this purpose, which allows him to become a member of the community.
During this operation, the user who will be free to modify at any time the information that he has communicated declares to be of age and undertakes to respect the conditions of registration.
Once the user account has been created, the member can log in using his username and password, which he agrees to keep confidential. All content published from an account is the responsibility of its owner.
Melba Capital reserves the right to close an account, after having notified its owner and respecting a notice. In case of non-compliance with its obligations set out in the paragraph « Liability of members lebis », a kiss member can see his account suspended temporarily or permanently and without any notice.

Lebisou is not legally subject to any general obligation to monitor the content offered by lebisou members. As a host, however, it must remove, as soon as it is aware, any content that is child pornography, which is likely to apologize for crimes against humanity or that incites racial hatred. It must also comply with the legal provisions relating to the retention of login data of users who are otherwise covered by professional secrecy.

As a content provider, whether in the form of photos, videos or comments, lebisou members are required to comply with the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
They must therefore ensure that the content they propose does not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party (content not realized by themselves and for which they do not have the necessary authorizations granted by the beneficiaries law), that it does not infringe the respect of private life, people (insults, defamation …) as well as public order and good morals.
In the case where the proposed content does not comply with the provisions set out above, it will be withdrawn and the account of the member lebisou concerned may be deactivated without prior formality. The lebisou member concerned also exposes himself, in a personal capacity, to a condemnation to the payment of damages and to penal sanctions modulated according to the litigious contents.
In order to respect everyone’s sensibilities in the context of a community space, it is also up to the members to kiss only ethical content and in particular not to broadcast any content of a violent nature.
Each member agrees to abide by the established charter by LeBisou administrators or else their account will be deleted or warned.

Any lebisou member declares to accept that by publishing photographic content … in public mode on one of the services of Lebisou via his account, he grants to Melba Capital a free license on this content which makes it possible to make it available to other members lebisou or visitors, depending on the degree of sharing chosen.
It also allows, during the duration of the content hosting, Melba Capital to adapt the format of said content and reproduce it on the site, within the strict framework of the features making it searchable and respect the level of sharing chosen.
At the same time, any lebisou member declares to accept that the content published publicly through his account is, as long as it is hosted on Lebisou, viewable / downloadable for free and for strictly personal use by other members lebis and / or visitors, whether directly on the site or in other media, for the maximum duration of protection of rights related thereto.
Given the nature of the Internet, members declare that they are aware that shared content can not be protected against the risk of misappropriation and / or piracy, and that Melba Capital can not be held responsible. Each lebisou member therefore agrees to respect all the necessary security measures when sharing content.

The CGUS which are governed by French law define the use of Lebisou’s services by lebisou and visitors and constitute a total agreement between Melba Capital and the users.
The CGUS available on the lebisou.com website take precedence over any previous agreement between Melba Capital and the lebisou members (including, but not limited to, any previous version of the GTUs).
In case of dispute or dispute over the interpretation, the execution or the realization of one of the paragraphs of these TOS and in the absence of amicable agreement between the parties, the court of Saint-Etienne (France ) will be declared solely competent.